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Mar 9, 2013 7:00am EST
not meant to be a course in copyright law. not meant to the copyright 101 and here it exclusive rights and here is a limitation or defense in section 107. is really meant as a program aimed at people using peer to peer, or those who are casual users who want to make sure unauthorized content isn't going over their system, that they know there is a way to avoid that and they can find content legally on surfaces online music matters or netflix or anything like that. >> if i could just disagree with you a little bit my understanding is the center for copyright information does want to be a resource about copyright because part of a problem we identified is people don't understand how copyright works. so i would hope comment aunt and planning and certainly being an advocate for insuring that when we get to that education phase, obviously fair use and lawful uses are robust and vigorous part of that education and that is certainly not killing from behind. so the cpi has pretensions on being more than just operating this copyright alert system and having a more vibrant discussion about copyr
Mar 2, 2013 7:00am EST
. no matter of the work we did and the stories we heard there were stories about how the laws, for example repeating their passports were transferred to the country and where they had taken them. i was curious about your experience about the intersection between public policy -- >> it is diabolical. i am very glad to have authorized the violence against women act and within that was the trafficking victim protection act which helps ameliorate some of those double standards within the american law. so when help is the building block of all sustainability, when a girl was healthy she can go to school, she can stay in school, when she has her period and there's a latrine and there is what she needs for her hygiene she can stay in school and every year a girl stays in school she has her first child at an older age, fewer children, her earning capacity skyrockets exponentially, she contributes to her family, her community, a way to lift nations out of poverty and when you have laws like your friends, because girls are very vulnerable in that situation, so lots out there, direct civic pa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2